Jon Wood Decorating

Examples of Work



                                                  The kitchen and staircase from a town house in the West End


                                                                Detail of another staircase in the West End

                                        Alan1    Alan3

                                               Images of various rooms from a Victorian house in the Southside


                                                         A bathroom in a Tenement attic flat in the West End.

                                               bathroom 5
                           Detail from the bathroom above. The rubber skirtings and flooring were also installed my myself.  


                           The finished walls, ceiling and cornicing of a West End hallway with detail of archway below.



                        Prior to the final coats of paint the walls were then skimmed and lined. The cornicing was first 

                        cleaned and then spray painted to minimise any loss of definition.


                                The photo above shows the hallway having been stripped back to the bare plaster.


                                   The door above was stripped back, the beading replaced prior to being painted.         




      The finished door with the brass handle and key cover restored and polished. The 1950's bell was restored as it was found
      part buried in the wall, caked in plaster and paint and covered with wallpaper.

     Ceilingceiling 2

      This ceiling and cornicing was badly damaged by 40 years of pipe smoking. Cleaning revealed that it had seen very little
      paint in its life and so was left in these period colours.

                               clare ceiling
              A very grand domed ceiling in the Southside. The picture is part way through the job where the detail of the
              cornicing is being spray painted.
                              The walls were in great condition in this room, just a colour change....from bright pink.

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