Jon Wood Decorating

Jon Wood Decorating

Painting and Decorating. Anyone can do it, right? Clearly the answer is - of course they can. Get to a DIY store and buy the paint, cover the furniture and carpets  and away you go. 

Once in a blue moon a job for me is just like that and I am happy man! Problem is 9 times out of 10, there are acres of vile woodchip to remove first, water damage, tobacco stains to clear and block out, plaster that comes away when you go near it with a roller, woodwork that requires restoration before seeing any paint and so on. 

In consultation with the client I can provide a service that finds solutions to these problems. All work is then completed in a thorough and sympathetic way, with as little disruption to every day life as possible. 

Of course, if the walls are perfect and you want a colour change, but really have better things to do, then feel free to make me a happy man!

Please give me a call for a free estimate of your requirements. All jobs are considered no matter how large or small.  I also carry out insurance work.

I have a wealth of experience in all areas of the finishing process including surface preparation and stabilisation, skimming, painting and paper hanging. Also feel free to ask about any other maintenance jobs you have around the house or flat. If I can do it I will or I may be able to help find someone who can!

I can provide references on request.


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